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  • Our Physicians, clinical research technicians and coordinators, provides hands-on, pro-active service and support 24/7, ensuring that our clinical trials are safe, expedient, and performed right the first time, and all the time.

Meridian International Research, Inc also offers the following services

Certified Physicians and bilingual staff, with ample experience in the clinical research field.

Access to a large pool of patients.

Constant communications among sponsors, CROs and site personnel.

Constant communications  among IRBs, Local Ethics Committee (LEC), Central Ethics Committee (CEC), and MOH. Also deep knowledge of each Latin America country Clinical Research regulations.

Systematic maintenance and annual calibration of our medical equipment.

Constant monitoring and control of temperature, according to the requirements of each protocol.

Secure archival and protection of all documents generated through a clinical trial.

Excellent reception, storage, distribution and final disposal of the clinical trial material for each protocol.

Interpretation and medical evaluation of all procedures conducted as per protocol, ensuring its secure electronic transmission if required.

Collection of biological samples and proper international shipment, according to the quality standards required by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Provide opportunity to participants in clinical trials to have access to new medical treatment, often before they become available for the general population.

Delivery of regulatory documentation and contracts within a week.